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Strength India

Strength India Sideriver provided help to the nonprofit organization "Strength India" on the San Francisco Startup Weekend. The project is an MVP with short iterative cycles (Lean Startup). Sideriver also helped to create the new website. To get an idea of the effectiveness of Sideriver: the new website was developed in only one evening.

L'ART DE L'AIGUILLE / Application

L'ART DE L'AIGUILLE / Application In addition to the website, Sideriver also conducted for L'ART DE L'AIGUILLE a server management client fully in J2EE. The Spring DAO & AOP architecture is deployed through Apache Maven while web services JAX-RS are exposed by Jersey. Printing and PDF generation are handled by BIRT. The data layer is fully written with JPA-2 (using Hibernate ORM with MySQL). For the Frontend, the site uses JQuery Mobile (a native Android application is in progress). The application allows cash desk management, monitoring orders by scanning tickets, and sending SMS to customers notifying them of the availability of their orders.

Kart Arena Motorsport

Kart Arena Motorsport Kart Motorsport Arena is an e-commerce website selling Kart and Kart equipments (helmets, spare parts, shoes, suits ...) which aims to be the expert in the field. Kart Motorsport Arena offers the latest in Kart with very competitive prices. The Kart Arena Motorsport website is a whole sales platform, from user management to sales closures. It was created on a Magento base with from-scratch custom graphics. Sideriver also created Kart Arena Motorsport's entire graphic identity, and also ensures the maintenance and the hosting of the site.
  • Multilingual / Multi-Store: 3 different shops (English, Italian, French)
  • Magento: full and robust e-commerce platform
  • Customized design
  • Custom Magento modules
  • Super efficient Hosting: uses the latest caching technologies
  • Technologies: PHP 5.6, Redis, Magento

Ecko Tech

Ecko Tech As a part of its diversification, ECKO TECH (formerly Eckold France) conducted through Sideriver the complete redesign of their website including logo, graphic design, ergonomics and data structures. The site is optimized as well as for fast rendering but also in its own HTML in order to be digested more easily by search engines and thus improve SEO. The site has its own search engine running on ElasticSearch: visitors can search on all pages of the site without distinction (brands, products, but also the documents attached to pages, etc.); the results are sorted pertinently even if the user makes a spelling mistake or an error in pronunciation.
  • Simplicity: Internal search engine with PDF files parsing, phonetic search…
  • Usability: custom hand-made CMS for business-scaled management interface
  • Speed: advanced caching techniques
  • SEO: automated SEO-friendly tag generation
  • Scalability: MVP architecture coupled with low-level frameworks
  • Technologies: PHP 5.4, MySQL, Smarty, Propel, JQuery UI

Valeo Service

Valeo Service Sideriver, in collaboration with Business & Decision, company specialized in Business Intelligence in France, provided an SBA (Search Based Application) for Valeo Service. The platform, fully functional and fast, was achieved thanks to Exalead CloudView.


L'ART DE L'AIGUILLE / Site L'ART DE L'AIGUILLE is a high-end alteration shop in Paris 6th; tailors perform there all types of sewing work, from simple alteration to complete clothing transformations. The website focuses on the existing client and the future client: the information is clearly structured, the use of Responsive Design (with Bootstrap) displays information in the best way depending of the device on which is visualized the site. The user can track one order or send message to tailors.
  • Sleek design, complying with the rules of ergonomics
  • Enhanced UX: Bootstrap RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • Online order tracking: interfacing with the shop's application
  • Contact Form with automated management by SMS or email
  • Technologies: MySQL, Smarty, Propel, JQuery UI, PHP 5.6, MVC, JQuery, Bootstrap

Clémence Consulting

Clémence Consulting Clémence Consulting is a consulting company specialized in BI (Business Intelligence). Sideriver to designed a prototype of a Dashboard which helps to monitor the various analysis reports for Clémence Consulting customers.

Styl Mod's

Styl Mod's Styl Mod's is a modest clothing alteration shop on Paris northeast. For the opening, Sideriver designed the web storefront of the shop. Sideriver also accompanies the smallest clients to fulfill the needs without necessarily investing large financial resources. The site was created on the Wix platform.
  • Quick results: Production within days
  • Contact form
  • Customized Design
  • Technologies: WIX, Adobe Photoshop


Ycura For its birth, the cosmetics brand YCURA was seeking for a simple website as a virtual flyer with the same simplicity on its administration interface. While capable of providing content in multiple languages, the website is also compatible with older browsers (including Internet Explorer 6).

Replay Billard

Replay Billard Sideriver has done for Replay Billiard their website. The site has been implemented with Joomla, with a customized template. It allows to easily add pages; information blocks; and has a dedicated photo gallery. The carousel on the home page allows to quickly view inside the place.

About me

Erdal Gunyar


Freiberuflicher Webdesigner.

Graduate of EPITA 2009 — Master in computer engineering with major in IT.

Having worked for several years (including Sedona) in professional web sites design/development, I work now as a freelance and guide my partners on all the steps of a website creation, which can be as well as functional as technical: market study, requirements definition, implementation and monitoring of web projects.

I also know about management in time and resources for an optimal quality fit. I'm obviously familiar with all the management tools like: Jira, MS Project, MindMapper, Confluence…

My technical abilities are starting from the PHP technical leadership to Java (J2EE) back office design through all the essential elements for the creation of a fully customized website: data modeling, SQL, ORM (Propel / Hibernate), graphic designs' front-office integration in XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3, JQuery JavaScript dynamization, data-flow pipelines management with SOAP or RESTful web services.

Besides, I am also consultant and expert integrator on the corporate search engines Exalead CloudView and Elasticsearch. I also design and develop Android applications.

Photo credit: Pauline TEZIER
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